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  • 19. December 2014

    Mood Board 1.3 Release

    I am pleased to announce that Mood Board v1.3 has been approved for release on the Mac App Store. Mood Board has been updated to fix a few bugs and version 1.3 adds some really great features if you’re already a user.

    The new find bar samples the colors in the document to provide you a quick hue-sorted method for filtering out just the assets you’re interested in. moodboard-1.3.jpg

    The new text-label feature converts your existing descriptions into text that appears beneath each asset helping to convey your message to other members of your projects.

    The full feature addition list for Mood Board 1.3:


    07. April 2014

    Get Help with Creating Great Mood Boards

    When the weather gets nice most people don’t spend as much time in front of their computers. I think this is fantastic and no matter how much I love working with a keyboard in front of me I still need to get out every once in a while and ride my bike. An unexpected consequence of this is that sales on the various App Stores can take a bit of a beating. While I was out riding my bike this weekend I realized that there’s no Help system for Mood Board. This is wrong, terribly wrong and I resolved to remedy it first thing this morning.


    07. April 2014

    A Failure to Communicate with SceneKit

    After a discussion at NSCoder last week I thought that it might make sense to explore a couple of ideas. The first concept was to replace the rendering mechanism in Mood Board with something a little more robust. Since I’ve already got a bunch of 3d experience, SceneKit seemed like a perfect fit. Find out why after the jump.


    01. April 2014

    Mood Board Major Product Update 1.2

    I’ve recently submitted the latest version of Mood Board (1.2) to the Mac App Store for approval. Check out the latest changes to be made available later this week.


    30. March 2014

    Mood Board Zim-Zam-Zoom

    More than one of my users has asked me in the last two months to please, please, please (and please) add Panning and Zooming to Mood Board. I’d kept putting it off because of a few reasons; chief among those is that I didn’t really like how NSScrollView (used-to) perform. Having views inside of views inside of views has historically been a performance sore spot and because I haven’t really had anyone to call on to help suss out those issues, I put it in a box. That changes today!


    29. March 2014

    Mood Board Groupies

    Quite often you get feature requests and you think, “Yeah that would be nice but when in the world would I have time to write it?” What I’m experiencing is that I need to subscribe more to the idea that as soon as a good idea comes up, I should at least write a little code. Sometimes it ends up being a lot easier, less time consuming, and freaking amazingly valuable than you thought, as is the case with the latest sneaky-peek feature.


    26. March 2014

    Mood Board Gets Clippy

    In spite of my best efforts version 1.1 of Mood Board shipped with a couple of issues. Thankfully I have a fantastic group of users and some of you were quick to point out that when you exported images to JPG the order of the nodes in the board wasn’t being maintained. You’ll be pleased to know I’ve fixed that problem along with a slew of other issues. I also wanted to show you a sneaky-peek of a new feature!


    24. March 2014

    Mood Board for Concept Artists

    Here’s the story: You’re working on a new monster concept for a client and you need to pull up a very specific set of references. You dilligently save your old work, scans of sketches and images from web searches so you’re not lacking in source material. The problem is “how do you organize it?” If you’re like me you probably have a gigantic Lightroom or Aperture (or iPhoto) library that includes all of these resources in addition to all your family photos and videos. This is not good, not good at all.